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Office of the 38th District Court of Texas
Honorable Camile G. DuBose, Presiding

Court Staff:

Fidelia (Lela) Ballesteros
District Court Coordinator
830-278-3913, Ext. 571


Julia Arnold Huffstutler
Court Coordinator

830-278-3913, Ext. 573

Anna Lafrenz
Court Reporter



Kathy Zamarripa
Indigent Defense Coordinator

830-278-3913, Ext. 204

Suzanne Dipiazza
Indigent Defense Coordinator

830-278-3913, Ext. 574

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri / 8am - 5pm
Closed for Lunch 12 noon -1pm


Mailing Address:

38th District Court

Uvalde County Courthouse, Box 17

Uvalde, Texas 78801


Court Locations:

District Courthouse

100 N. Getty St.

2nd floor Courtroom

Uvalde, Texas 78801


Justice Center Courtroom

339 King Fisher Lane

Uvalde, Texas 78801

Real County Courthouse

146 Highway 83 S.

Leakey, Texas 78873

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