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Self-Represented Litigants

Find an Attorney to Hire
Click here to search the State Bar of Texas website for a list of attorneys that practice in your town or geographic area.

Court-Appointed Counsel

Certain indigent defendants are entitled to have a lawyer appointed to represent them:  

  • Persons charged with felony crimes

  • Persons facing jail time for contempt in family law cases

  • Parents opposing CPS actions in cases regarding their children

If you fall into one of these categories, please contact the 38th Judicial District Court Indigent Defense Coordinators Kathy Zamarripa or Suzanne Dipiazza at 830-278-3913 to request court appointed counsel.


Representing Yourself

If you are planning to handle your own divorce or protective order, click here for a list of helpful resources and forms that will assist you in the process.

Apply for Legal Aid in Civil Cases

There is no right to court-appointed counsel in most civil cases. However, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid provides free civil legal services to indigent residents.  TRLA attorneys specialize in more than 45 practice areas, including family, employment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, subsidized housing, farmworker, civil rights, and environmental law.  For more information, or to see whether you qualify, contact Rosalinda Medrano, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid at 1-800-369-0467, 830-752-6400 or by email at

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